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​Operating Plant Support

​​Welcome to Clean Power Consulting Partners, an engineering consultancy that partners with our Clients to bring their conventional and renewable clean energy projects to fruition and support their operation.

"CP Squared" provides consulting services for power generation projects and facilities, providing Owner's Engineering, project management, engineering studies, root cause analysis, and mechanical and piping engineering services.

(CP)² brings to our Clients an integrated set of management, strategy, and engineering capabilities and expertise.  Our hands-on experience, spanning power plant development and permitting, design, construction, and commissioning, as well as operations, allows (CP)²​ to deliver well thought and complete solutions to our Clients .

In addition to our power plant and management expertise, (CP)²​ also brings to our Clients critical thinking, innovation, and a strategic perspective, understanding what must be accomplished, and then developing a plan forward for our Clients to successfully fulfill their objectives.

Our Mission: Applying strategy, engineering and innovation in partnership with clients to bring clean energy projects to fruition.