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Prior to (CP)²

Thirty years of experience at Pacific Gas & Electric, Altran, and POWER Engineers

  • PG&E's Manager, Design Engineering Services managing a 200+ person multi-discipline engineering department.
  • Owner’s Engineering and managing permitting through the California Energy Commission for several Southern California municipal utility power plants.
  • A natural gas transmission pipeline routing feasibility study.
  • Assessing the viability of repowering a power plant located in Guyana and another two located in Venezuela.
  • Project management of an integrated Owner’s Engineering and environmental team for three 570 MW combined cycle projects bid into a utility’s RFO as well developing the California Energy Commission application.
  • Owner’s Engineering for several utility scale concentrating solar thermal power plants.
  • A study to develop options for repowering and expanding an existing 50 MW cogeneration power plant.
  • A study to assess adding a solar energy component to a pair of existing 36 MW cogeneration plants.
  • A due diligence study and subsequent project development work to convert a shutdown 45 MW cogeneration plant to an independent power producer peaking plant.
  • Overall engineering manager for a series of electrical infrastructure upgrade projects for a large refinery.