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Glenarm GT2 Repair and GT1&2 Control System Upgrade Project

(CP)² is currently providing project management and site construction monitoring services for Pasadena Water & Power's Glenarm GT2 repair project and a parallel control system replacement for GT1 and GT2.  The GT2 portion of the project entails demolition of the damaged portions and refurbishment of the turbine and generator as well as other modifications to enhance unit reliability.  The control system upgrade implements a modern digital control system for both units.

Grayson Repowering Project

(CP)² is currently providing project management services for Glendale Water & Power's Grayson Repowering Project. The repowering project entails demolition of the existing boiler and combined cycle units and replacing them with a 50 MW/200 MWH of Lithium-ion battery energy storage system coupled with 93 MW of large reciprocating engine generators.

Kearny Mesa Battery Energy Storage

(CP)² provided project management and Owner's Engineering services for the Kearny Mesa 1 MW/4 MWH Battery Energy Storage project.  This behind the meter installation also interconnected to the CAISO grid to provide energy, demand response, and regulation services. 

Glenarm GT-5 1x1 Combined Cycle Power Plant

(CP)² provided project management services for the City of Pasadena Water &

Power's GlenarmPower Plant GT-5 1x1 combined cycle replacement of their

B-3 steam plant.  This project providedthe same output with reduced

emissions and water usage, while allowing for much faster startups,in part

through the use of a Once Through Steam Generator.  (CP)²​ also provided

commissioning management services for  the final six months of the project.

Additionally, (CP)²​​ also helped to troubleshoot problems and develop recovery

plans for equipment and schedule issues that arose.

This project was selected by
POWER magazine as the recipient of its 2017 Reinvention Award.

​​El Centro Generating Station Unit 3 2x1 Combined Cycle Power Plant

(CP)² provided project management services for Imperial

Irrigation District's 2x1combined cycle repowering of their El

Centro Unit 3  power plant.  This projectrepowered an existing

steam plant  increasing the output while reducing emissions and

without  increasing water consumption.

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