recent projects - Studies & Design

Synchronous Conversion Study

(CP)² performed a study addressing the addition of clutches to add synchronous

condenser capability to two existing LM6000 PC SPRINT combustion turbines.

As part of the study, we visited the site, developed a scope of work and

construction sequence for modifying the turbine packages, and developed a

project budgetary estimate.

University of Redlands Cogeneration Plant Expansion Study

(CP)² performed a study addressing the addition of microturbines with heat recovery to the University’s existing cogeneration plant to increase electrical generating capacity and provide an alternate source of thermal energy for their hot water system and chillers.  The study addressed technology selection and permitting considerations, as well as developing a conceptual layout, process flow diagram, and one-line diagram for integration of the microturbines into the existing cogeneration plant.  Subsequently the University decided to proceed with the project.  (CP)² was also engaged by the University to review the design-build proposal and contract, as well as the long-term service agreement for the microturbines.

Plant Reliability Study

served as a member of a consultant team tasked with identifying

actions to improve the availability and reliability of a two unit peaking

plant.  (CP)² visited the site, as well as interviewing the plant staff to

elicit their  operating and maintenance experience, and then developed

a series of recommendations for the Client. 

New Generation Study

(CP)² studied new generation options for inclusion into a municipal utility's Integrated Resource Plan update. The study considered system trends driving future generation needs, existing generation assets, and other system considerations.  The study identified a series of base load and peaking resource projects, addressing recommended plant technology and configurations, as well as output, heat rate, and budgetary cost options for each site.  In addition, project development timelines were also developed.

Anhydrous Ammonia Piping Design

(CP)² performed the pipe stress analysis and developed pipe support loads as part of an upgrade of the SCR system for a cogeneration plant.

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