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Plant Reliability Study

(CP)² served as a member of a consultant team tasked with identifying

actions to improvethe availability and reliability of a two unit peaking

plant.  (CP)² visited the site, as well asinterviewing the plant staff to elicit

their operating and maintenance experience, and then developed a series

of recommendations for the Client.

El Centro Generating Station Unit 3 Outage Management

(​CP)² served as Imperial Irrigation District’s outage manager for their Unit 3 Spring Outage.  Prior to the start of the outage, we worked with the plant staff and major contractors to define the outage scope, develop an outage plan and schedule, track all of the non-commodity material procurements, and lead an on-site kickoff meeting. During the outage, we provided on-site overall management and direction for the outage including daily planning/status meeting, schedule updates, daily status for IID management, dealt with emergent issues, and sub-contracted structural special inspections.  (​CP)² also applied our engineering expertise to assist with resolution of several emergent issues.

High Pressure Steam Line Support Failures Investigation

(CP)²’s client found two broken pipe supports on their high-pressure
steam line during operation.  (CP)² visited the plant and reviewed the
relevant engineering documentation.  (CP)² determined that the cause
of the support failures was thermal overloads of the pipe supports.  The
corrective action was to re-install the supports in a corrected

Condensate Pump Startup Water Hammer Root Cause Determination

During startup of the condensate pump, (CP)²’s client would oftentimes
experience a water hammer of varying intensity,  sometimes strong enough
to be heard and felt in the control room.  (CP)² determined the root cause
of the water hammers to be formation of a vapor bubble in the pump
discharge piping and subsequent collapse when the pump was started.  The piping
was modified preventing recurrence of the waterhammers.

Anhydrous Ammonia Piping Design

(CP)² performed the pipe stress analysis and developed pipe support loads as part

of an upgrade of the SCR system for a cogeneration plant.